Enjoy an uninterrupted holiday season with peace of mind from Flow Payments

As the holiday season approaches, online platforms and marketplaces will hopefully receive high volumes of transactions from customers and sign-ups from sellers and merchants. Customers from all over the globe will look online for everything from custom-made gifts like pottery and clothes to services such as spa treatments and gift vouchers.

What online platforms and marketplaces need is the gift of seamless payment journeys. But what they need is the gift of Flow Payments.

That’s because with Flow Payments, online platforms and marketplaces can tap into features such as:

The business bank account is built with modern business models in mind. Fondy Business Account is easy for sellers, freelancers, etc., minus the hassle of opening a traditional bank account. You can open a Fondy Business Account in just a few minutes compared to most high street business bank accounts. Even better, you can use your Fondy Business Account to help stabilise cash flow with instant settlements.

The new KYB and KYC compliance feature makes onboarding new online sellers and marketplaces easier and risk-free. Flow Identity helps platforms and marketplaces that need to onboard their own businesses or partners with KYB processing. Alternatively, Flow Identity also simplifies the onboarding of individual partners such as gig workers, freelancers and sole traders with key KYC verifications.

Enabling marketplaces and platforms to automatically split a single payment (or “mixed basket”) amount between multiple merchants through split payments and payouts.

Smooth payments during the holiday season offer several benefits

As well as a smoother festive period for merchants and sellers, smooth payments offer many other advantages to marketplaces and platforms, including:

Positive shopping experience

Ensuring a smooth payment process is important for a positive shopping experience. Many shoppers are online to avoid long lines and stressful holiday encounters. A reliable, easy, and swift checkout process helps avoid cart abandonment.

Creating loyal customers

A smooth payment process is one way to get customers to keep coming back. Your goal is to create an experience that leads them to become lifelong fans long after the holiday season.

High-end security

Payment security is always important, but it requires double attention as the winter holidays approach. Fraud rates tend to increase by about 30% during this time of year.

With these new Flow Payments features, onboarding new partners, such as content creators, merchants, online sellers, and suppliers, becomes seamless. That way, you can give your focus to what matters the most – spreading seasonal joy.

In summary, a smooth payment process powered by Flow Payments during the holiday season enhances the shopping experience, helps create loyal customers, ensures secure transactions, and optimises data for conversions.

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