Customisable Checkout

Customise your payment checkout for you and your customers

Give your customers a seamless purchasing experience and maximise your sales with Fondy’s fully customisable payment checkout.

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On message and on brand

Tailor your entire payment page to match your brand, from design, imagery and colour scheme to typefaces and logo. This helps to build customer trust and reduce cart abandonment. You can also change payment fields and your sales messaging as often as you wish, too.

Keeping it local

Wherever your customers are around the world Fondy ensures they are given the comfort of a local payment experience.

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Local language

Offer the best checkout experience by automatically setting the payment page to a customer’s local language. This helps to reduce clicks required at checkout and removes possible points of friction for the customer.

Local currency

Fondy accepts payments in over 150 currencies, which means your customers can pay in a currency of their choice.

Local payment methods

We offer a choice of over 300 payment methods and we use geolocation to display the right local options for your customers

They will automatically see familiar payment choices, including local cards, internet banking and eWallets (such as Apple and Google Pay), as well as global debit and credit cards. Returning customers will also be shown their previously chosen payment option.

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