Split Payments

Split Payments for harmonised cash flows

Unlock the potential of marketplace and platform-based business models with Split Payments. Effortlessly split revenue, commissions, fees, and more amongst partners

No more splitting headaches

Split Payments help improve your cash flow by simplifying payment division between your business and partners. This eliminates complex reconciliation, reduces paperwork, and cuts down on administrative tasks. With Split Payments, you can instantly allocate payment fees among parties, manage commissions, and handle other fees effortlessly. It’s the perfect solution for partners and third parties requiring fast access to their funds.

Transform your business and enjoy multiple benefits

Split versatility

Split Payments is ideal for online platforms listing products and services from various merchants and businesses with commission or fee-based models.

Split your way

Allocate each payment received by setting a fixed amount, a specific percentage, or a blend of both, and decide if the split happens directly from your Split Account or directly from the partner’s Wallet.

Split and split, again and again

Automate your payment splitting for recurring transactions, like service provider subscriptions, with our custom integration options.

How Split Payments work

Flow Payments provides an efficient solution for marketplaces or platforms to manage funds: receive, split, and disburse payments effortlessly. Streamline your operations with dedicated Wallets for each partner, seamlessly onboard and secure each partner through our Flow Identity feature for easy KYC & KYB compliance. Enjoy precise fund splitting for reliable recipient management.

  • Suppliers and business associates
  • Online sellers, merchants, and vendors
  • Third-party providers, such as payment gateways
  • Gig workers like couriers, tutors, content creators and B2B contractors
  • Investors and so many more

So whenever funds need to be paid, Split Payments are the key to smooth cash flow for your whole ecosystem. Your B2B partners benefit from total transparency, controlling payments and payouts via their interface, and receiving in-depth reports with valuable insights for strategic decision-making, encouraging strong partnership with lasting loyalty.

The ideal fit for Splits

Split Payments (or Splits) are especially beneficial to modern business models. These models include some of the most well-known and popular brand names in use today, such as:

eCommerce marketplaces

Marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay sell a variety of products from a wide range of different sellers. Split Payments come into play when customers pay for multiple items (from different sellers) in one shopping cart and when different payment amounts need to be directed to different sellers.

Multi-sided platforms

Uber, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb, along with content and fundraising platforms or syndicate loan platforms, are prime examples of multi-sided platforms. These platforms connect gig workers like drivers, handymen, and homeowners, as well as content creators and fundraisers, with users and customers seeking services like taxi rides, home repairs, holiday rentals, digital content, or investment opportunities.

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