Instant Payouts

Keep everyone happy with instant payouts

Make payouts instantly to your selected accounts – be it yours, a partner or a supplier – in the currency of your choice.

Immediate, hassle-free payouts

At Fondy you are able to do instant payouts locally in 35 countries. Our platform allows you to pay your partners on cards or accounts locally in the local currencies using a single API. Your partners will be happy to work with you and be able to receive money on the very same day. Make the payouts flow faster and easier with Fondy integration.

  • 20+ currencies
  • 35+ countries

Free-up time with automated payouts

Focus on other business priorities and reduce the risk of failed transactions by automating your payouts. It’s as easy to set up and tweak as it is to cancel any automated payout. Enabling the flexibility to manage all the settings for payouts to your partners in order to suit your business model.

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One platform, multiple currencies and endless insights

One integrated IBAN Fondy Flow account is all you need. Accept over 150 currencies, view real-time sales performance and insights and settle payments quickly with IBAN Fondy Flow accounts.

Stay closer to your third party partners

As a platform or marketplace it is much easier to create IBAN accounts for your suppliers from a single platform. The Fondy Platform allows you to move money between accounts within seconds in multiple currencies from multiple countries. Management of your account , from creation to payments can be accessed through our API.

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Access your reports easily in one place

Enjoy easy reconciliation of all accepted payments and payouts. Easily upload the data using the unified form in your accounting system. Conveniently in one place with unified information, from acceptance to third-party payout.

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