Multiparty Payouts

Business management made easy with multiparty payouts

Stay on top of all your payout requests with ease and make it global by choosing a local payment scheme to suit your currencies needs.

Flexible split payments and multiparty payouts

Designed to best serve you with seamless end to end features, Fondy’s split payments and payouts allow you to have complete control of the payments flow, automate it and localise your payments according to your currency needs

Payments just as you want them

Breathe easy with our customisation feature and automate your payments split to vendors so you can focus on providing the best service possible for your customers. You can split your payments in different proportions, currencies, between different partners and countries. It is so flexible and easy to use.

Zero fuss payouts

Enjoy ultra easy payments with Fondy’s payout solutions. Our payouts empower you with the capability to process payouts using your very own Fondy multicurrency IBAN accounts or virtual Master accounts. All perfectly situated in one place that allows you to load multiple sub-accounts to your profile and simply automate payouts via our API.

Reduce costs, increase profits

Benefit from local routing for payouts anywhere in the world and reduce your costs on money transfers.

  • 20+ currencies
  • 35+ countries
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Control and analytics

Make better decisions with real-time sales performance and insights on one easy platform. Be on top your business necessities according to your partners location.

Security and protection

Fondy gives you peace of mind by adhering to the strictest international security certifications. We carry out all Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) checks and monitor all transactions to spot and prevent any abnormal activity or money laundering. We also add additional layers of security with our own Fondy.Antifraud™ system.

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API integration

You can easily set up a split of the payment and manage payouts easily through our API

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Master Account

Your commission

Partner A
split payment

Partner B payout

Make your one infrastructure of accounts

Create the accounts for your partners and make instant settlements between the net of your partners. It will be a seamless process with the fast management of accounts and payments.

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