In-App Payments

Unlock more revenue with effortless in-app payments

Maximise your sales revenue with Fondy’s in-app payment solution. Ensure your customers can checkout with ease, no matter where in the world they are or what mobile device they are on.

Fully responsive

Our integration works across any mobile device

More payment power

All the currencies and payment methods your customers want

Complete customisation

Tailor the look and feel of the payment page to match your brand

Create new sales channels with in-app payments

Our in-app payment solution helps you increase your sales channels as it is fully compatible with iOS, Android and React Native SDKs.


Fondy’s iOS SDK integrates native mobile apps with our payment processing. Compatible with iOS versions 8.0 and upwards.


Fondy’s payment processing solution also integrates with Android apps. Compatible with versions 14 and upwards.

React Native

Fondy’s React Native SDK lets you set up and apply any design to your payment form for both Android and iOS. Supports React Native versions 0.61.5 and upwards.

Flutter Framework

Fondy’s Flutter SDK is developed using Dart programming language that works with both Android and IOS. Supports version 2.0 and upwards.

Security and protection

Our in-app payment solution provides built-in security to give both you and your customers complete reassurance that their card data and personal details are fully protected and comply with all GDPR regulations.

Keep shoppers coming back

Give returning customers a quick and simple checkout experience to maximise their lifetime value to your business. With tokenised payment data, your customers can make one-click payments and benefit from pre-filled contact fields.

Make it local

Tailor your in-app checkout with dynamic forms showing local currencies, languages and relevant payment methods to your customers.

Customer insights

Get complete visibility of your customer data and trends at your fingertips through your dashboard, available on Fondy’s merchant portal and app.

Customer stories

We are so pleased to have met such a reliable partner, we have enjoyed working alongside them for many years as the main payment system for card processing.

Aleksej Yuhimchuk

Co-founder, Rocket

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