Get Payments Up and Running Quickly with Our Integration Guide

Whether you’re a developer looking to integrate our services or a founder looking for a ready solution without coding to streamline payment processes, our documentation provides the detailed information you need. Explore essential guides, APIs, and tools, including no-code and low-code options, to help you set up VIBANs, business accounts, accept payments, and make split payments and payouts.

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Virtual IBAN & Business Accounts

Discover how to set up a Fondy business account and seamlessly manage your money. Access our guides, Core API references to manage payments, create accounts/wallets and explore resources with detailed insights into optimising your money movement.

Seamless money management

Manage and control your finances using our secure, user-friendly tools, with simple reconciliation.

Organised digital wallets

Create wallet ledgers for transparent B2B payouts, with digital wallets to streamline bookkeeping and efficiency.

Detailed reporting

Create customised reports for detailed financial summaries, transaction histories, and analytical insights.

Streamline settlements

Manage currencies and varied payment schedules, tailored to your business needs and get settlements instantly.

Payment Acceptance

Integrate Fondy’s Payment Acceptance solutions for secure and efficient payment processing, and seamlessly receive payments from clients, regardless of their location or preferred payment method. Explore our integration guides, and optimise your payment acceptance through cards, digital wallets or Open Banking.

var Options = {
  options: {
    methods: ['card', 'banklinks_eu', 'wallets', 'local_methods'],
    methods_disabled: [],
    default_country: 'GB',
    card_icons: ['mastercard', 'visa', 'maestro'],
    active_tab: 'card',
    fields: true,
    title: 'Checkout',
    link: 'https://sportik.example',
    full_screen: true,
    button: true,
    email: false
  params: {
    merchant_id: 1234567,
    required_rectoken: 'y',
    currency: 'GBP',
    amount: 500,
    order_desc: 'Demo order'
fondy("#checkout-container", Options);

Secure payment processing

Manage refunds, recurring payments, chargebacks, monitor transactions, and set up anti-fraud system.

Accept multiple payment options

Accept payments from cards, Open Banking, and digital wallets, offering flexible and secure options for your customers globally.

Go borderless with multicurrency

Accept payments from clients worldwide in 150 local currencies, ensuring seamless transactions.

Enhance user experience

Ensure a smooth experience for your customers with features like one-click payments and customisable checkout pages.

Split Payments & Payouts

Explore guides, API references, and implementation examples to help you manage money on/from accounts and wallets. Make split payments and payouts, automate settlements, and conduct KYC/KYB checks on suppliers or partners.

Simplify split payments

Distribute funds to multiple recipients, use fixed or customised split settings for each recipient and connect payment acceptance to their wallets with applied split rules.

Make effortless payouts

Manage payouts to accounts and digital wallets in different currencies for your vendors, clients, and suppliers.

Automate settlements

Automate for precise and timely payment settlements, reducing manual effort, and enabling instant settlements.

Automate KYC & KYB checks

Create profiles for each supplier and conduct comprehensive compliance checks for streamlined management and adherence to regulations.

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