Instant Settlements

Master your cash flow & drive business forward with instant settlements

Get complete control over your cash flow and accelerate your business growth with instant access to funds. With our unique Flow solution, you’ll receive settlements straight into your Fondy multicurrency business account as soon as your customer makes a payment.

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Faster settlements, smoother business

We know your business relies on positive cash flow so that’s why Flow gives you instant access to your funds

Faster access

No more waiting 5-10 days for your customers’ authorised payments to reach you

Better management

Pay employees, purchase inventory or clear business bills how and when you like

Reduced costs

Reduce the cost of accepting payments by removing card schemes and bank FX fees

Positive cash flow in every market

Receive your money faster, respond to opportunities quicker and grow your business further.

  • 150+ currencies
  • 200+ countries
  • Local and cross-border payment schemes

Instant settlements for marketplaces

With your marketplace account you can receive payments and make payouts instantly. You can choose where you would like to send the money – oncard, account, any currency. Your sellers and partners will also receive access to funds within minutes.

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Fondy’s instant settlements help you manage cash flow and grow your business

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