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Stay in the know with Flow Identity

Secure your business interactions with Flow Identity, an embedded feature in our Flow Payments solution, designed to support businesses, marketplaces, and partners in maintaining KYC (Know Your Client) and KYB (Know Your Business) compliance for trusted, smooth, and seamless operations.

Enjoy endless security and multiple benefits

Save time and money

Automate your KYC and KYB processes to eliminate human error costs and delays.

Work efficiently

Manage core business operations, onboarding, and registration in one convenient place.

Build trust and solid business relationships

Establish and maintain a reputation for reliability and dependable expertise.

Promote flexibility

Enhance adaptability with a tailored onboarding process that suits your business model.

Customise user journeys

Design unique registration flows inclusive of any additional information you require.

Trade with global reassurance

Stay rest assured with local and international legal compliance. Around-the-clock monitoring of PEPs and sanctions.

Knowledge is power with KYC

Flow Identity simplifies the onboarding of individual partners like gig workers, freelancers and sole traders with split accounts, supporting marketplaces with critical KYC verifications such as sanction checks, birth dates, and proof of nationality and residence validations. Ideal for:

  • Platform and marketplace sellers
  • Freelancers
  • Sole traders

How KYC works on Flow Identity

Our client onboarding includes thorough KYC protocols with essential due diligence tasks like:

Enhanced partner onboarding with custom integration

  • Integrate your platform with the onboarding process through our API and give your partners branded pages for identity checks.

Automated user verification and IDs

  • Speed up ID checks and reduce manual processes.

Comprehensive data and information collection

  • Access seller details, including names, addresses, tax numbers, contact details, etc.

Advanced matching algorithms

  • Scan global data sources to fetch core company data such as embedded UBO, ID verification, questionnaire, Director, and document functionality.

Expansive media and web coverage

  • Monitor clients’ online presence and media exposure to supplement application information with insights like adverse coverage or concerning websites.

Around-the-clock monitoring of PEPs and sanctions

  • Real-time checking of sanction and politically exposed person (PEP) lists to reflect changes in circumstances.

Confidently collaborate with KYB

Flow Identity helps platforms and marketplaces that need to onboard their own businesses or partners with KYB processing. This includes confirming company registration numbers, company statuses, and VAT numbers.

How KYB works on Flow Identity

Our KYB measures work by performing checks and gathering relevant business, including:

Company deep dives

  • Discover the names of company directors, business addresses, national insurance or social security numbers, company numbers, etc.

Thorough document authorisation

  • Confirm the business’s legal existence, shareholders, and beneficiaries.

Performing ID&V check

  • Check that identity documents that individuals have submitted are genuine, and verify that identity against existing records and databases.

Collecting director and UBO information

  • Discover the names of the board of directors, senior management, which law/country the companies are subject to, and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).

Screening PEPs and sanction lists (for Directors, UBO, and companies)

  • Perform enhanced due diligence and ongoing monitoring for higher-risk situations and customers, including politically exposed persons (PEPs).

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