International Payments

Drive global growth with our international payment solution

Our proven platform and choice of payment methods offer more and better ways for customers to pay, making it easy to win customers anywhere in the world. Our embedded feature for payouts helps to make your outgoing payments faster and simpler.

Complete payment flexibility

All the currencies and payment methods you need

Analytics and insights

Complete visibility of your billing, payments and settlements

Instant international payments

Get paid instantly in the currency you want

Think global, act local

Payment methods shoppers trust

Our payment gateway is integrated with over 300 payment methods and we use geolocation to display the right local options

Shoppers will automatically see familiar payment choices, including local cards, internet banking and eWallets (such as Apple and Google Pay), as well as global debit and credit cards. Returning customers’ lives are made even easier as they are automatically shown their previously chosen payment option.

Seamless payments every time

Fondy processes payments in currencies used by over 200 countries. Payments can be made on websites, online stores, Android and iOS, plus mobile apps – wherever and however shoppers want to buy, you’re ready for them.

We speak their language

The payment checkout page is programmed to be multilingual, so will automatically set to the main local language, or you can pick an alternative.

Seamless payouts globally

Give your partners the opportunity to be paid in local currencies using local payment rails. Enjoy more benefits, create better user experiences and enhance partner loyalty.

Embedded accounts chain for your business and your partners

Create your account infrastructure with Fondy so you can pay your partners instantly from any location in a currency.

Cross-border invoicing

Invoice your customers in an alternative currency if you prefer. The Fondy platform will process the conversion and manage payment reconciliation across countries, currencies and payment methods.

Instant settlements

With Flow you receive customer payments instantly into your Fondy account – so no more waiting 5-10 days for the money to reach you.

Flow also offers multicurrency accounts with their own IBAN so you can use them like any other bank account and take advantage of the best FX rates

Start trading today

Fondy’s universal platform removes payment obstacles by supporting a wide range of payment methods through a single integration. It’s so easy that you can set it up in the morning and be taking payments that afternoon.

Customer stories

We chose Fondy’s payment service to solve an issue with receiving payments from different countries. Now we can instantly receive payments in any currency.

Pavel Shulga

CEO, Akademiya SEO

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