Billing & Invoicing

Invoicing for business growth 

Fondy’s invoicing platform saves you time and hassle, and brings in your customers’ payments faster. There is no need for a website or separate invoicing software.


Send invoices to your customers in any currency

Real-time data

Instantly check the status of any invoice you send

Easy management

Choose whether to send single or bulk invoices

Simple invoice management

One interface

Check the status of all invoices in real-time, and quickly match payments to invoices

Batch invoicing

Easily manage the recipients of your invoices by generating multiple invoices in one simple step

Cross-border invoicing

Invoice in an alternative currency and we’ll process the conversion

Reserve payments

Hold funds on a card and manage when to credit or cancel the charge

Invoices for promotional offers

Add an offer expiry date to encourage customers to buy

Payment button & payment link

Send invoices with a payment link or live button to pay

Recurring billing – request and remind directly

Send reminders, set up subscriptions and recurring payments to reduce time chasing payment

Payment refunds

Handle customer returns or disputes quickly and make full or partial refunds with ease

Payment calendar

Avoid missed payments by allowing customers to set their own payments schedule

Control your cashflow

Fast reconciliation

Get an instant view of all your invoices and receive your payments instantly into your Fondy account

Any device

Send invoices from your desktop or Fondy mobile app and receive money directly into your chosen account

Mobile analytics

Our merchant portal app allows you to instantly check the status of your customer payments wherever you are

Single integration set-up

Benefitting from all this invoicing and payment power is simple, however and wherever you’re selling. A single integration is all it takes and it’s so easy that you can set it up in the morning and be taking payments that afternoon.

Customer stories

In choosing Fondy, we recognised high-quality technology twined with convenience, flexibility and customisation, empowering us to take full control of our payment flow and grow. Fondy is our much-valued payments partner.

Miroslav Bykov


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