Flow Payments

Seamless money movement for marketplaces & platforms

Flow Payments is the one-stop solution for B2B money movement that lets funds flow seamlessly, enabling marketplaces and platforms to manage money flows on one unified platform. With Flow, businesses can make cost-effective instant payouts and simple split payments to merchants, consumers or partners.

Tailored payment acceptance

Securely using open banking via bank transfer, cards and digital wallets in your merchant’s local currency, your merchants will have the freedom to accept payments the way they want without currency conversion charges of 4% or more and the hassle of extra integrations.

Seamless split payments and payouts

Save time, avoid delays of up to 10+ days and maximise revenue by breaking down economic borders when you pay, receive, and transfer funds, including processing split payments and payouts.

Manage money flawlessly

Create business accounts with access to the UK banking ecosystem. Marketplaces, platforms, and merchants can receive the full benefits of a traditional bank account without the limitations.

Explore multiple payment benefits

Introduce the best way for your clients to pay and the easiest for you to get paid with our comprehensive payment acceptance functionality.

Enjoy perks including:

  • Flexible multiple payment methods such as open banking and cards
  • Multicurrency payment acceptance
  • Custom invoices and payment links for easy distribution
  • Custom checkout landing pages tailored to your branding
  • Instant settlements of funds sent via Pay-by-Bank to avoid delays

Stay in control & grow with better money movement

Stay ahead of the curve with ease and full control of all your money’s movements. Flow Payments enables you to make instant multiparty payouts and split payments to clients and partners efficiently.

Our Flow Payments account allows you to:

  • Open up to three Master Accounts
  • Make multiparty payouts and split payments seamless
  • Process payments in multiple currencies
  • Create virtual Wallets (sub-accounts) to segregate or consolidate funds
  • Transfer funds directly to specific Wallets using unique payment references
  • Build a loyalty program with ledgers and Wallets

Enjoy simple and affordable money management

Start your journey with friction-free onboarding and data management by choosing Flow Payments’ comprehensive business accounts that enable you to:

  • Easily manage refunds, recurring payments, and invoices
  • Simplify reconciliation between partners, suppliers, or clients
  • Quickly and easily onboard your partners and merchants
  • Access a full overview of your Master Account balance, i.e., Wallets balances
  • Get comprehensive reports for a better understanding of your money and positioning

Maintain your competitive edge

Getting started is easy and free! Quality does not have to come with a big price tag, so unlike other providers, Fondy is here to cut up to 80% off the cost of your transactions with no set-up fees or hidden costs.

Discover cost-effective pricing that empowers you to do more

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