A look back at 2023 and forward to exciting developments in 2024

Valeriia Vahorovska
Co-founder & CEO, Fondy

As we gear up to welcome 2024, it’s an opportune moment to look back at the remarkable year Fondy has experienced in 2023 and to look forward to the thrilling developments we have planned for the coming year to make our lives easier and much happier.

We are passionate about working with platforms and marketplaces to bring the market more opportunities and ready solutions for SMEs and self-employed as we see a big impact of such companies in economic growth.

We are always happy to find a way of money management in a much more efficient way where we will see the growth of financial inclusion and the growth of the digital presence of the business.

Every year, we make plans to bring solutions that will help companies simplify their business growth and payment efficiency.

Celebrating our achievements in 2023

The past year has been one of substantial growth and innovation for Fondy. We’ve reached several key milestones that have not only strengthened our position in the fintech industry but also greatly enhanced our services for our valued clients:

  • Innovative identity product for enhanced security. The launch of Fondy Identity, our identity product for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) for marketplaces and platforms, has set an easier and more secure way for B2B contracts.
  • Revolutionising business transactions with IBAN Accounts. Introducing Fondy Business Accounts for sellers, freelancers, and content writers of the platforms and marketplaces was a significant advancement. These accounts enable instant settlements from platforms and marketplaces to sellers, freelancers and partners, making the management of finances more efficient than ever. This feature simplifies the process of making payouts to suppliers and partners, offering ease and convenience and providing more opportunities for sellers as they can get their funds in a second without payment delays.
  • Advanced split payments functionality. We’ve also significantly improved our Split Payments service, focusing particularly on the ease of payouts for platforms and marketplaces through API using different fee models for partners. This enhancement has streamlined the payment process, making it more efficient and user-friendly via API.

Exciting prospects for 2024

Looking ahead, Fondy is excited to introduce more groundbreaking features in 2024:

  • Expanding our Multicurrency Accounts. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming introduction of USD and EUR currencies in our Multicurrency Accounts. This expansion is a step towards facilitating seamless global transactions for our users and an opportunity to work with European partners, sellers and freelancers to make payouts instantly.
  • Transforming payment processes with Master Account with multiple Wallets. Our previous release of GBP Master Accounts and Wallets revolutionised the way businesses reconcile and handle payments with multiple partners. We’ve tailored our accounts for platforms, marketplaces and their partners, enabling freelancers and sellers to open Business Accounts within a minute and get the payout instantly.

A message of gratitude and seasonal greetings

As the CEO of Fondy, I want to extend my deepest thanks to all our clients, partners, and collaborators. Your support and trust in us fuel our continuous pursuit of payment excellence.

As we count down to the new year, we wish you all a delightful holiday season filled with joy, peace, and prosperity. Let’s step into 2024 with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the opportunities that await us.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

With love and warmth,

Valeriia Vahorovska
Co-founder & CEO, Fondy

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