Strengthen partnerships with seamless digital Wallets

Partnerships just got easier and more transparent and resilient with our Master Accounts and embedded digital Wallets, enabling B2B partners and their recipients to manage their incomes. These Master Accounts and digital Wallets enable businesses and their B2B clients, including contractors, sellers and freelancers, to manage financial activities from one place. Master Account holders can easily transfer funds, update account settings, and track transactions across all partner Wallets, simplifying money management.

Enjoy visibility and control over your balance

With Fondy, managing funds, adjusting settings, and tracking every partner’s financial activity becomes streamlined, allowing businesses to maintain oversight and efficiency with ease.

Discover advanced features designed for simplicity

Hassle-free Wallet setup

Open a new account with ease and quickly establish a Wallet under your Master Account through our API

Customisable Wallets

Update Wallet names for enhanced clarity

Transparent payment flows

Effortlessly view all Wallets associated with your Master Account at a glance, with exact details on each Wallet Account and manage transactions

Efficient financial management

Produce and download consolidated statements for Master and Wallet Accounts, optimising your financial oversight

Multiple benefits for you and your B2B clients

Discover how our Master Accounts and Wallets can enrich your business

Simplify account management

Enable various Master Accounts, each paired with its own set of Wallets tailored to meet varied financial needs. Our Master and Wallets ensure optimal fund distribution, enhance overall fund management, and streamline reconciliation, making it easier to monitor and manage your money effectively.

Easily organise your Wallets

In the Master Account setup, each Wallet functions independently but is connected to a singular Master IBAN. These Wallets are easily recognised through unique business references, making each one easily identifiable.

Conveniently manage your account balance

Manage the unified balance within your Master Account and conveniently view the aggregated total of all its individual Wallets. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive snapshot of your financial landscape, enhancing oversight and strategic planning.

Build lasting relationships with B2B partners and grow together

Fondy Wallets provide numerous benefits to partners, enhancing both operational efficiency and money management. With key advantages including:

Monitor transactions with ease

Wallets enable payouts to clients or partners, streamlining payments and reducing administrative burdens. With Wallets, partners can monitor transactions, manage funds, and access financial reports in real time.

Enjoy uninterrupted cash flows

With dedicated Wallets, partners can manage their cash flows, ensure funds are available when needed and significantly reduce the time it takes to settle transactions, improving operational efficiency.

Go above and beyond for your partners

Wallets can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each partner, offering customised solutions for managing fees and funds from platforms, processing payments, and conducting financial analysis.

Get started!

Enjoy the full benefits of Master Accounts and Wallets when you sign up for Flow Payments. Discover the ease of money management and fund reconciliation, and build stronger partnerships for your marketplace, platform or online business with Fondy.

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