Setting Up

Fondy’s plugin for OpenCart

Before setting up our plugin please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • OpenCart version 1.5.4 and higher
  • vQmod version 2.4.0 and higher
  • If vQmod is not installed, manually add the following script: <script src= “”></script>


  • Download Fondy’s plugin that corresponds with your version of OpenCart from our GitHub repository here or through the Opencart Extensions page.
  • Extract and copy files to the root directory of your site.
    • Skip this step if your site uses a standard theme from OpenCart. If your site uses a third-party theme, copy the content of this folder /catalog/view/theme/default/template/payment/ and paste it into the equivalent theme folder.
  • Go to the OpenCart control panel and select Extensions > Modifications.
  • Click “Clear”, after this “Refresh”.
  • Find Fondy in the “Modification” list and click “Install”.


  • Go to the OpenCart control panel and select Extensions > Extensions.
  • Select “Payments” in the “Choose the extension type” dropdown, find Fondy in the “Payment Method” list, and click “Edit”.
  • Enter your Fondy Merchant ID and Payment Key, which you will find in the merchant’s technical settings in the Fondy account.
  • Enter other information as required and enable “Live” in the “Environment” dropdown to activate Fondy.
  • Click “Save”.

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