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We believe that businesses deserve quality without compromise, which is why our payment solutions don’t come with a hefty price tag. See the table below to discover how Fondy compares to its competitors side by side.

Set upFreeFree£75.00Free£16.62
Cost per transaction1.4% + £0.201.4% + £0.201.7% + £0.202.75% + £0.391.7%
Cost per transaction, including «hidden fees»1.4% + £0.202.0% + £0.2551.7% + £0.202.75% + £0.391.8% + £0.20
Annual cost before making any transactionsFreeFree£665.40£257.99£175.50
PCI DSSFreeFree£4.80 per month£29.99 per year£4.95 per month
InvoicingFree+0.5% per transactionRequires integrationFree
Advanced analytical reportingFree£1.50 per transaction
Advanced fraud monitoringFree£4.00 per transaction
Recurring billingFree+0.5% per transaction+0.5% per transaction

Harness your full potential with seamless payment flows

We’re so confident you’ll get the best value and quality. That’s because Fondy empowers businesses with friction-free payment solutions, leaving you to focus on what matters most. Some of the benefits we know you’ll enjoy include:

Fast and easy integration

Over 300 payment methods

Supports more than 150 currencies

Customisable checkout pages

Instant settlements and payouts

Complete account overview

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