Chargeback Dispute

Information required from Fondy Merchants to protest chargebacks

If you have received a financial claim from a buyer for a refund and would like to dispute it, please provide us with the information from the list below. Send it in response to the letter from Fondy with the notification of the chargeback, attaching the file prepared according to the instructions. All items except the 6th are mandatory.

Since the chargeback is carried out in accordance with the rules of international payment systems, when protesting it, one should strictly adhere to the requirements for the response format:

  • All information is provided in English in PDF format
  • The size of the document should not exceed 2 MB, the number of pages – no more than 19


Describe the service you provided or the item sold that resulted in a refund request.


Indicate all information about the buyer known to you: full name, phone number, e-mail, IP address and other data.


If the chargeback dispute is for a physical item, please provide delivery details. For information services and products, the recipient’s email is sufficient.


Provide proof that the buyer received the product or service they paid for from you. This can be a waybill with translation or comments in English, logs of visits to your website or mobile application.


Provide proof of the buyer’s agreement to the terms of the purchase. For example, a screenshot from your site, where you can see that the user cannot pay for a purchase without agreeing to its terms.


If possible, provide additional information that can help in challenging the chargeback: a statement of no claim from the buyer, return details and other information.

In order for us to file your response to challenge the chargeback, please submit your prepared PDF file by the deadline indicated in the Fondy Financial Claim Notification email or in your account. Otherwise, the dispute will be resolved in favour of the buyer by the statute of limitations.

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