Supported countries for Wix and Fondy integrations

Fondy, the one-stop solution for cross-border commerce, has streamlined its network of supported countries compatible with the Wix payment gateway.

That means that if your website is built on Wix, the well-trusted website builder known for hosting everything from landing pages to online marketplaces, your international coverage just got better.

That’s because Fondy has now solely dedicated its Wix integrations to the following countries:

Bulgaria Croatia Estonia Hungary
Italy Poland Lithuania Slovakia
Spain Ukraine United Kingdom

If you’re a new merchant, just connect Fondy to your Wix account and start receiving all of Fondy’s suite of features.

These benefits also include:

  • No-code integration, i.e. a simple start-up process that’s ready to use
  • Versatile payment acceptance, including multicurrency payouts and split payments
  • Around-the-clock access to the Wix suite of eCommerce specialist features

Start enjoying quick, friction-free, cross-border payment solutions today

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