Manage invoices directly from our billing system

Our Merchant Portal lets you create invoices and bill customers without the need for a website or separate invoicing software. Merchants can also view the list of invoices created, payment links generated and verify payment status.
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Manage customer batch files
Import batch files of customers’ details with the amounts to be paid. Our billing system will generate the invoices with a payment link which can then be sent to your customers.
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Invoice customers across borders
Our billing system has been developed to support your growth and customer reach. You can invoice your customers in an alternative currency, and our platform will process the conversion.
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Reserve amounts on customers’ cards
Our freeze feature allows merchants to hold funds on a card that will be charged at a later date. With Fondy’s billing system, merchants can manage when to credit the frozen funds or cancel the charge.
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Special discount offers through invoices
Merchants can also create invoices with an expiration date. This is often used for those developing incentives for their customers such as special discounts if a purchase is made before a specified date.

Create invoices in minutes!

Generate an invoice with your customers’ details through a simple form.
Send the invoice using email, SMS or any messenger platform.
Customers can pay the invoice instantly with Visa and Mastercard, or another local payment methods. Funds will automatically be credited to the merchant’s card/account
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