Fondy plugin for WooCommerce online stores

Accept online payments from your customers instantly.

Fondy’s payment gateway plugin means you can simply integrate the payment form with the checkout page of your WooCommerce store so you can quickly and securely accept payments from your customers.

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How Fondy’s payment gateway works for WooCommerce

There are three ways you can choose to display the payment form. 1. Embedded payment form in the personal account on the site 2. Custom payment page on the site that seamlessly matches your design 3. Redirection to Fondy’s hosted payment page Whichever option you choose, the functionality is the same.
All incoming orders are displayed on the WooCommerce Admin dashboard along with the status of current ones. If a payment was rejected, you can select its details and see the reason why, and in some cases assist your customer with completing their purchase.

Fondy provides your business with many services

Global payments

Accept payments from shoppers around the world in 150+ currencies

Checkout page design

Flexible options to to suit the look and feel of your online store or website

Order status

Payments are updated in real-time on the WooCommerce Admin dashboard

Payment details

View payment status and transaction information

Customer support

Prompt 24/7 response to assist you and your customers with payments

Maximum security

Fondy provides full data encryption and fraud protection and is PCI-Level 1 certified

Installing the Fondy payment plugin for WooCommerce

We developed the payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce with the aim of providing as much functionality as possible while keeping it simple for you to integrate


With the payment gateway installed, you can receive payments through your WooCommerce site regardless of the type of website you have: corporate, one-page, online store, personal blog, informational web resource, etc


Your customers can pay for your products or services using any device (laptop, mobile phone, smart watch, etc.).

Technical Requirements

Please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • WordPress 3.5 or higher
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or higher
  • PHP 5.4 or higher



Method 1

Download the Fondy payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce from the WordPress Add-ons page. [Download]

Unzip the plugin files to the directory: /wp-content/plugins/. Activate it in the Plugins menu.


Method 2

Install by link, replacing “” with your website address:


Go to the WordPress control panel, find Fondy in the Plugins menu.

Click the “Activate” button.

Configuring the WooCommerce plugin


Go to “WooCommerce → Settings → Payments.


Go to “Fondy” → Management. Tick “Enable” for the option Enable Fondy Payment Module.


Enter the details you received from Fondy which you can find in the technical settings of your merchant account) You need to fill in two fields – Merchant ID and Merchant secret key.


Select the Return Page — the page to which the user will be redirected after payment, the so-called “Thank you page”.


Select the default order status after  successful / unsuccessful payment.


Save your changes.

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