Fondy payment gateway plugin for Wix

Accept online payments from your customers instantly.

Fondy’s payment gateway plugin means you can simply integrate the payment form with the checkout page of your Wix site so you can quickly and securely accept payments from your customers

Connecting and setting up Wix takes less than 15 minutes

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How it works

Fondy payment gateway is part of the Wix platform, so you don't need to install anything else. You only have to activate the Fondy module and then use any of the standard Wix payment forms to sell your goods, services and tickets for events.
Your customers will be able to pay using their preferred payment method. Fondy’s payment gateway will handle payment authorisation and upon successful payment confirmation, your customers will automatically receive an order confirmation email.

Fondy enables your Wix site with many advantages

Global payments

Accept payments from shoppers around the world in 150+ currencies

Your own branded checkout page

Flexible options that suit the look and feel of your Wix site; shoppers are more likely to complete purchases on branded payment pages

Orders and payments status

Payments are updated in real-time on the Wix Admin panel

One-click payments

Shoppers’ payment details are tokenised and available for fast repeat payments

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Popular mobile wallet payment options can increase conversions by as much as 20%

Fondy security

Fondy provides full data encryption and fraud protection

Connecting Fondy Online Payments for Wix

Go to the Wix Admin panel and select Settings → Accept Payments.
Click the “Add Payment Methods” button.
Choose “Credit/Debit Cards”.
Save your settings.
Link your Wix account to the Fondy payment gateway as described below.

Linking your Fondy account

After adding Fondy as a payment service in the Wix Admin panel, link your Fondy account with your Wix site as follows: 
Go to the Wix Admin panel → Settings → Accept payments.
Go to “Credit / Debit Cards” and select “Change Provider”.
Among the available providers, select Fondy. 
Enter the Merchant ID and Payment Key. These are available in the Fondy Merchant Portal in the technical settings of your merchant.
Click “Connect My Account”.
Be sure to enable ‘Active on your Checkout’ 
Save your settings.
The payment status will be displayed in the Wix Admin panel in the Orders section.
Details about each payment may be found in the section Finance → Payments.


Now you are ready to accept online payments on your Wix site from customers around the world!

Scale your business with Fondy