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Fondy Merchant Portal mobile app: the world of payments in your pocket

Our team has developed the FONDY mobile app for iOS and Android platforms so that you can quickly monitor the status of your business and comfortably work with payments, wherever you are. You no longer need to get a laptop and open a browser to view payment statuses or create an invoice for your customer. The whole world of payments is now right in your pocket. 

The functionality of FONDY mobile application duplicates the key features of merchant`s portal web version, and also adds one special solution for users of Android devices. 

Creating invoices 

An application allows you to create invoices for your clients “on the go”, in less than a minute. To do this, you need to select the currency and amount of the new invoice and write down the description of the product/service. Then the generated invoice can be sent with a single click to the client’s email, social network, messenger. 

Notifications about payments

Everyone likes to receive good news. FONDY mobile application instantly notifies about the payments from customers as soon as they arrive at the seller’s account. Therefore, you will always be up to date with the latest arrivals.

Also, at the disposal of users, there is a list of payments in which you can find any payment for the selected period, filtered by date, sender email, destination or ID.


The analytics module is a single window with data on payments and clients, which allows you to evaluate your project for different periods and analyze its effectiveness in the context of weeks or months. One of the key indicators of payment acceptance is the conversion level, which is shown online in an application, and could be compared with the average value for the market. All information is displayed in the form of visual and interactive graphs. 

NFC payments

If you accept payments not only online, but offline too, be sure to create a comfortable payment experience for your customers, because nowadays fewer people carry a large amount of cash with them. In order not to get into a situation when there is a buyer, but there is no way to accept his/her money, it is worth making sure that each offline outlet is equipped with POS-terminals. 

For entrepreneurs who are unable or unwilling to purchase POS-terminals, we`ve provided in our mobile application the function of accepting payments with bank cards directly It works on any Android smartphone with an NFC chip.

You should only tap the bank card of the client to your smartphone, and choose the amount to be debited and make the payment. An electronic check will be sent to the client by email.

Technical support

Online chat is available in FONDY mobile application for faster communication with customer support. You can ask a question to a specialist or request a callback. 

Keep developing your online projects and always stay mobile. And do not forget to download Fondy Merchant Portal app to have the most of experience. 


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