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Integrating Fondy’s payment gateway is simple

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This article describes how to integrate a payment gateway into your eCommerce website.

A payment gateway provides an eCommerce business with the ability to handle financial transactions from customers. Integrating one with your online store or website is very simple once you’ve decided which one you wish to use.

The job of the payment gateway is to:

  • Submit payment and authentication data from cards or digital wallets to the issuing bank
  • Obtain authorisation to debit the account for the transaction amount
  • Settle the merchant with the equivalent amount in their local currency
  • Ensure end-to-end encryption and tokenization of the card number and bank details

What are the fees associated with a payment gateway?

Knowing how much the payment gateway will cost is a key factor in making your choice. If your site is built with, or hosted by, a commercial CMS, consult their list of compatible payment gateways—check the control panel or the online shop admin page for payment gateway options.

Many payment gateways charge a first-time set-up fee, a monthly fee and transaction processing surcharge. Compare and see which gateway service suits your needs.

Fondy’s payment gateway is compatible with over 30 popular CMS/eCommerce platforms. Fondy gets you up and running with no set-up fees and only charges you per transaction based on monthly volume.

How do I get the online store up and running?

These guidelines will assist you in connecting the payment gateway and be able to accept payments on your site.

Create a merchant account with the payment gateway

Once you’ve selected your payment gateway, you’ll be required to create a merchant account. The merchant account identifies and connects your business with the payment gateway to ensure you’re settled for the purchases made by your customers.

The merchant account typically includes a login, password and provides you with access to your merchant ID, payment key and authorisation credentials. For compliance purposes, you must submit your business or company registration details to the payment gateway service provider.

Fondy’s merchant portal gives you access to your merchant account and also enables you to monitor your income and profits as well as manage any vendor payouts if needed.

Determine how your checkout page will work

Payment gateways may be external gateways from your site – this is known as “redirect” – and sends your customers to a separate payment page to process the payment transaction. Although this option has the benefit of simple connectivity without any coding burden, redirection often makes customers feel less confident and will abandon their purchase.

Embedded or direct payment gateways process the transaction while keeping the customer on your site. If possible, choose a direct gateway, as they look more professional and your shoppers will feel more secure and complete their purchase.

Fondy’s payment gateway offers a payment page that can be easily customised to the look and feel of your online store. The responsive layout lets you design the page for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The payment page automatically renders according to the device your customer is using.

Integrate the payment gateway

Fondy has plugins for more than 30 CMS sites and provides a payment page and code for transferring payment information to the gateway. You won’t need to create any code from scratch. All you need is your merchant ID and payment key.

Add payment methods

The process for accepting payment methods varies among gateway services, but generally you must enter your payment gateway information for each method of payment you want to accept i.e. Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers and digital wallets. The payment gateway you select determines which methods you can accept.

Fondy’s payment gateway is integrated with over 300 payment methods. The payment page automatically displays the shopper’s local payment methods and local instant banking based on geolocation.

Test the gateway

While you are getting set up with your new payment gateway, you should be provided with a Test or Sandbox account by your payment gateway service provider. The test accounts allow you to perform test transactions and simulate the payment process to ensure the connections are working correctly. It is highly recommended that you test several transactions with different payment methods before going live with your store.

This will vary from service to service. Check your payment gateway’s support site for details on testing your gateway’s integration.

Fondy’s merchant portal fully supports test accounts and Fondy’s customer support team is there to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

What are you waiting for?  Get your online shop connected today with Fondy!


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