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Choosing the best payment gateway

If you’ve got an eCommerce business you’ll most likely need a payment gateway to help you accept payments from customers.

Payment gateways use technology which allows merchants to accept payments securely from customers for purchases – and most commonly in the form of debit or credit cards.

There is no shortage of providers on the market but you must think about the needs of your business and that the gateway you choose will be compatible with the shopping cart on your website. 

Fondy offers end-to-end solutions to enable retailers, e-commerce, marketplaces and businesses to accept online payments globally and scale across borders. 

Merchants can accept international online payments as effortlessly as local transactions by enabling their customers around the world to pay with their local currency and preferred payment methods.

Put security first

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, almost 10,000 cyberattacks targeted this sector in England and Wales in the two years to January 2019. 

That’s more than 7 million individual attacks and putting the average cost of each one at around £1,300.

Additionally, phishing attempts, fraudulent payment requests, malware and ransom-ware are rife while DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks try to knock businesses offline by targeting the bandwidth of a web server with huge amounts of traffic. 

Fraudsters are using every trick in the book to target businesses. And the only way you can try to stop this is by having enhanced security measures to protect customers using your website, mobile app and social media platform.

Moreover, Fondy’s payment gateway is fully PCI compliant and includes 3D Secure (3-domain structure) authentication, also known as a payer authentication, as an additional security protocol to help prevent fraud when using payment cards with online transactions.

Below we’ve outlined other features your website should be offering to make for an enhanced shopping experience.

Essential features to consider

When choosing a gateway, check whether the following features are offered. Fondy offers all of these as a minimum:

How much a payment gateway costs

Some service providers combine a payment gateway and a merchant account. These services are called aggregators but you will pay more for this convenience.

API capabilities

An Application Programming Interface, or API, is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a software application. A payment gateway API integrates with your existing processes to connect your checkout page to a payment acquiring network.

Multi-currency payment gateways

Choosing a gateway that allows you to accept payments in many currencies so you can process international payments will give you an advantage over your competitors. Many offer dynamic currency conversion as well as simplified international payment authorisations and settlement.

Recurring payments

If you’re considering offering subscription services or memberships, a gateway that offers recurring payments could save you lots of time and effort.

Online security for you and your customers 

You might think that you won’t be a target for fraudsters if you’re not a large online retailer. However, keeping your business’ information safe is your top priority and you need to choose a gateway that provides the best possible security for you and your customers. 

When choosing a payment gateway, check that it is PCI DSS Level 1 registered by Visa and Mastercard. And, look for one using AVS and CV2 fraud-checking tools. AVS (Address Verification System) uses the address details that are provided by your customer to verify the address is registered to the card being used.


Also, look out for gateways offering tokenisation. This means that you and your customers’ data is encrypted – the data is replaced with an algorithmically-generated number called a token. These get passed through the web and through the system to process the payment without the card or bank details being exposed.

SSL Certification

An SSL certificate encrypts and protects any information entered into your website, such as card details, from being stolen whilst being transitioned between servers.


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