Payments in-app

With Fondy’s payment in-app ability, your shoppers can checkout within minutes. Fondy’s checkout page is fully responsive and works on every mobile device. Fondy provides fully compatible iOS, Android and React Native SDKs to accept payments in-app and mobile payments.

Fondy’s simple SDKs for payment in-app

Merchants benefit by collecting payments instantly from shoppers anywhere in the world through localised mobile wallets and local payment methods.

Shoppers get a secure and seamless experience using the comfort of their mobile device.

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‘Native app’ payment in-app

Fondy’s payment in-app solution together with Native mobile apps provides a very secure and reliable method of protecting your shoppers’ data.

Fondy’s iOS, Android and React Native SDKs are fully compatible with Native mobile apps which are developed to benefit from device hardware and optimal app performance.

Localise your payments in-app

Display in-app input forms in your shopper’s local language and currency and show only the local payment methods that are exclusive to their country.

Keep your shoppers coming back

Get more payments from regular customers by making their checkout experience simple and secure. Use tokenised payment data to enable quick checkout for your shoppers’ repeat purchases. Shoppers can checkout with one-touch payments.

Mobile web

Fondy’s customisable solutions provide an adaptive layout to render your checkout page seamlessly with your mobile web site.

All of Fondy’s multilingual features and array of payment options also apply to mobile websites and display:

  • Relevant local payment methods
  • Mandatory fields based on location
  • Payment page and messages in the shopper’s local language

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