Fondy ceny za spracovanie platieb

Before 10 000 EUR/month

Card payments:

1.8% + 0.2EUR

For non-European cards:

3.2% + 0.2EUR

Bank transfers:

1.4% + 0.2EUR

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Before 30 000 EUR/month

Card payments:

1.6% + 0.2EUR

For non-European cards:

3.2% + 0.2EUR

Bank transfers:

1.2% + 0.2EUR

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More 30 000 EUR/month


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Fondy commission may differ depending on the type of your business and its turnover

Our services/commission include

One connection 12 payment methods

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amex, Diners, China Union Pay, CardBanque, PPRO, PISP and Bambora.

International payments

Raise your international payments conversion rate thanks to our partnerships with the largest and most secure banks around all Europe

Fondy Portal

With Fondy portal you can analyze your company sales and manage payments all in the same portal

Customisable checkout page

Customise the design of your checkout page to ensure a unique user experience for your customers has never been easier: make it look like your e-commerce site. Choose your preferred color scheme, logo, additional fields, buttons and a list of payment methods.

Recurring payments

If necessary, you have the opportunity to freeze the amount to be paid on the customer's account until final order confirmation. In case of cancellation you won’t need to pay the transaction fee.

Split payments

Allow your customers to do split payments. You can set up automatic payments for regular partners, logisticians or intermediaries as convenient for your business.

Issue full or partial refunds

You can issue full or partial refunds securely and quickly with our service. Your customer will receive the fund in less than a day.

Payment Calendar

Payment calendar is a feature that provides businesses an opportunity to regularly charge a subscribed amount from customers' card or account over an agreed period of time.

Reminders about incomplete purchases

You can send emails with a payment button and a list of items that your customers have added to the cart and not paid for. According to statistics, this increases sales by a third.


Create online invoices for your local and foreign customers in any currency only in a few minutes.

QR payments

Accept payments by card or via digital wallets at physical outlets without a POS terminal.

Fondy Protect

This is Fondy’s own technology to protect businesses from fraudulent transactions and payers from questionable sellers or poor quality services.

One-click payments

Fondy encrypts customer payment data in accordance with the requirements of the international PCI DSS standard, and automatically fills it in for quick repeated purchases.

MOTO payments

Debit the agreed amount from the customer's account when placing an order by phone or email via the Fondy interface.


  • 24/7 processing of payments
  • 99.95% uninterrupted operation of the system (the other 0.05% is a standard buffer set by payment systems)
  • Processing customer requests from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 22:00
  • 14 language versions of the payment page (English, German, Polish, Slovak, Czech, French, Spanish, Latvian, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Italian, Korean)

Connection modes

  • Open API
  • Payment modules for popular CMS and website builders
  • iOS and Android SDK