FONDY’s types of e commerce payment methods‌‌ have a wide variety of products that will help develop your online business

White Label

FONDY’s payment methods enable full personalization of the payment process and its implementation directly on the store’s website, dressing the whole process in the colors of your company. Let the customer feel comfortable without moving him outside of the shop, which allows you to increase the purchase conversion and facilitate the payment process.

Expanded analytical panel

We would like to invite you to try our Merchant Panel, where we put in your hands advanced payment analytics which is made in your store. In the Fondy mobile application you can check what is happening in your business live and use advanced analyzes to adjust marketing campaigns or other activities.

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Payment method #1: Electronic transfer

Fast electronic transfers is one of the most popular online payment method. The customer selects his bank’s logo and then is transferred to the online banking service. The data in the form is filled in automatically and to complete the transaction you only need to confirm the selected verification method in your bank.

Credit cards

Online payment is done exactly with the same card (debit, credit) that you pay on a daily basis in an ordinary store. This is the most common form of making transactions all over the world, enabling you to acquire customers regardless of the country of origin. Fondy meets the requirements of the PCI DSS standard, which guarantees quick, easy and what is most important – secure transactions.

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Payment method #2: Mobile solutions

According to market demand, we have prepared a simple interface that allows you to make payments in your mobile application. Customer can choose card payment (oneclick) or bank transfer without leaving the application. Our advantage is white-label solution – the payment module will fully match the color of your application.

Android SDK

Payment method #3: Payment link

We enable you to generate a payment link, which you can send to the customer directly via email or SMS. Automate the invoice payment process by stitching the link in a PDF document, enabling the customer to immediately unlock the trade credit or release the balance. The content of the message is done by you, we only allow you to make a quick and safe payment.

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Payment method #4: Recurring payments

Recurring payment via debt or credit card allows you to charge money automatically from Customer card which was added to Fondy system by your shop website. The frequency depends on the model of your business, it may be a payment made automatically a few times a day (for example taxi) or payment for a subscription fee charged on the first day of each month.

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Multicurrency payments

FONDY’s payment methods provide a multi-currency platform for handling payments by bank transfers and cards. We are able to offer the most of the local eCommerce payment methods in all European markets. We carry out card transactions in more than 100 currencies without unnecessary and unfavorable currency conversion.

Payment method #5: Marketplace solution

The solution makes possible to collect your commission if your business is between the client and the mechant. All financial part of your business automate through Fondy API. We cover all process from registration of the seller in marketplace platform to delivery of the money to recipients.

One Click

The customer can save the card in your store and for the next purchase pay with one click without re-entering the data – it shortens the payment process even up to 1 second. A great solution if your store has many returning customers. And the most important, that you don’t need to do any additional integration. Fondy will save card data for your customers automatically.

Payment method #6: Pay via Facebook

A revolutionary solution that allows you to automate payments via Facebook. On the US and UK markets it has become an everyday reality. Be the first to give customers opportunity to make payments using the most popular social networking site in the world!

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Fondy Flow
Fondy Flow offers multi-currency accounts with their own IBAN, so you can receive payments instantly from your customers. To learn more register your interest by clicking on the apply button.