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Countdown to Black Friday

Be prepared.

Robert Baden-Powell made this the motto of the Boy Scouts movement that he founded. It applies to everything. And this week, in particular, for merchants, as the biggest shopping day in the world rapidly approaches.

Getting started early is the key to successful sales campaigns at any time of the year, but it’s key for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday and Cyber Week, as a whole).

Your inbox is probably bursting with marketing emails about special deals – despite countries continuing to deal with the economic blows dealt by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because lockdown has meant the world is confined to kitchens, living rooms and box rooms, boredom looms and nothing cures boredom more quickly than shopping.

So, you’ve still time to get your online store in order but have you got the following ready to go live?

Tell the world you’re participating

Even though it’s Black Friday, you can still labour the point. Your site should have website banners or hero images stating clearly the discounts that you have on offer and that these will be the lowest prices they’ll see all year, garnering excitement.

Online retailers are set to reap the rewards this year on what was traditionally a big sales opportunity for bricks and mortar stores – the first Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

This year, with so many retailers struggling due to the pandemic, heavy discounting began at the start of November but most shoppers are still waiting until Black Friday to start waving their plastic around.

A choice of payment methods

Your payment gateway should be set up and ready for your customers who will be looking for a fast checkout whether you are selling via website, mobile app or platform.

You should be offering more than just credit cards and offering a variety of local and international payment methods.

Fondy provides over 300 options including cards, bank transfer methods, online banking and digital wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple pay.

A fast, fuss-free checkout

Your customers will be using smartphones, tablets, websites and even their televisions to purchase goods this year. But, a poor checkout experience will result in cart abandonment. So make sure your checkout is simple, straightforward but lightning-fast and offer a guest option for shoppers who may not want to sign up to marketing emails.

Did you know that Fondy has a new, fully customisable checkout page? We offer more than 300 local and international payment options, including cards, bank transfer methods, online banking and digital wallets. And if you do this before November 30, you’ll get a 20% discount on transactions made with European cards.

Offer free shipping and returns

Have your shipping process down to a tee!

Make sure your couriers are happy to work overtime from Black Friday through to the end of Cyber Week. It benefits them and it benefits you.

For Black Friday, you will definitely have an advantage over your competitors if you can offer free shipping and returns. It’s a huge enticement for customers. But if you do have to charge postage fees, then make sure this is very clear early on in the purchase journey.

And if you can’t offer free returns then make the process as simple as possible. Nobody wants to be fiddling with printing out return labels or trying to work out costs.

Remember, you can make your life very easy indeed by having FAQs under your Contact Us or Returns section of your website with your returns policy clearly laid out.

Offer the best customer service experience

Your customers may get a bit over-excited about your wonderful offers so should they get in touch about wanting to return an item, or if they are contacting you for any reason at all, always offer exemplary customer service. There’s a reason why most of the big retailers retain loyalty and that is no-quibble returns and a great customer experience.

Have a great search facility

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find that item you had your eye on but popped away to another website to check prices only to come back and have to start drilling down through sections to find those natty trainers you’ve had your eye on for a few months.

And it’s the very same for your customers.

You’d be amazed at the number of prominent retailers who still don’t have a decent search facility on their sites so it’s an easy win to have a good one created. If you can’t do this in time for Black Friday, consider this for the future.

Have a brilliant Black Friday (and a great Cyber Week)!

The Fondy team

lack Friday, consider this for the future.

Have a brilliant Black Friday!

The Fondy team


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