Streamline your payout process using split payments

Increase the payment cycle frequency to merchants and suppliers worldwide by automatically splitting the funds they receive on their ecommerce platform across multiple accounts, with our unique split payments functionality.
Streamline your payout process using split payments

Simplify payouts to vendors and suppliers

You can split payouts among your partners and suppliers. Once payments are settled, the balance of payment will be available for payout through the same payments methods.
Sub-accounts are separated from your merchant bank account so when a payment is split, it is deposited into a sub-account. Payments collected through your payment page are automatically split into the relevant payouts and transferred into existing sub-accounts
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The split payouts capability also enables:

  • Platforms to receive service fees directly from merchant accounts as a part of each transaction.
  • Merchants to share and distribute payments among multiple accounts.
  • Merchants to issue refunds or credits and retrieve funds from multiple accounts from which they share payments.

Benefits for B2B merchants

You can manage the flow of payouts to suppliers, marketplaces and multi-merchant platforms:
Collect payments in multiple currencies
Automate payouts in local currency
Eliminate manual processes linked with payouts
Reduce settlement complexity
Simplify payment reconciliation
Batch earnings into payaways

Have full control

  • Use API to capture data
  • Easy payment reconciliation
  • See all transactions in your portal
  • Most currencies accepted, see list

Go global

Streamline your pay-out process and increase payment cycle frequency to merchants and suppliers worldwide. This improves your service offering and provides a more attractive proposition.

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