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Fondy’s Checkout design accelerates payment acceptance

Fondy’s newly-released Checkout 2.0 has nailed design and modern day needs

Fondy’s redesigned Checkout page has visual impact and differs dramatically from its competitors while providing the same functionality and more. It’s quick and easy for anyone to customise on their own thus enabling them to start accepting payments almost instantly.

Main features of the latest Fondy Checkout page:

  • Safe, secure and instills trust in online shoppers
  • Loads faster than the previous version
  • Offers many design templates and configurations
  • Shows only the most relevant payment information
  • Simplifies online payments, especially for new online shoppers
  • Payment page is fully accessible

Image of Fondy's new Checkout page with logo placeholder and array of payment methods

Ready-made Checkout page designs

Fondy currently offers six ready-made checkout page designs which are available in the Merchant Portal. New pre-set designs will continue to be added to the gallery and can be customised easily.

Illustration of the Fondy Merchant Portal showing Checkout page design templates

Simple and clear visuals

Using the familiarity of an ordinary bank card as the basis for the new Checkout page, Fondy eliminated unnecessary and distracting fields. No links lead away from the page, no pop-ups are displayed and no extraneous input fields clutter the payment interaction.

Merchant’s/Seller’s logo—may be added in a few clicks

Illustration of the dialog for uploading and setting your own logo to the Checkout page design

Payment methods: card brands, instant payments, bank transfer systems

Illustration of the various payment methods from which to select and display on your Checkout page

Payment security icon(s)

Illustration of the Bank transfer banks supported by the United Kingdom which is the selected country; also strong customer authentication security and compliance labels for Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode and PCI DSS are shown

Language customisation for Checkout page fields and descriptions

Illustration of customisable payment tabs whereby you can rename the fields and descriptions on the Checkout page in different languages

Rich design editor

Fondy’s Checkout page pre-set design templates include various combinations of both flat colours and gradients available in 60 options in both light and dark themes. If these presets do not match the merchant’s brand or site design, then a manual selection is possible from the colour palette.

Illustration of the Checkout colour palette pre-set designs

Responsive preview

The Checkout page displays seamlessly as part of the merchant’s website or online store.

The Merchant Portal Design editor includes previews for mobile, tablet and desktop to instantly preview the checkout page. In this way, no matter what device shoppers are using, they can view the checkout page as it is intended to look.

Illustration of Checkout page with previews on a tablet and a mobile phone

Checkout page available in 14 languages

Merchants can adapt the Checkout page in several different languages resulting in a more personalised experience with international shoppers. The payment button text is customisable along with the field names and popup tips to adapt to all language versions.

Currently the checkout is available in 14 languages: en – English, de – German, es – Spanish, it – Italian, fr – French, cz – Czech, sk – Slovak, pl – Polish, ro – Romanian, hu – Hungarian, ua – Ukrainian, lv – Latvian, ru – Russian, kr – Korean

If a merchant needs more languages, they are welcome to submit language requests to Fondy’s support team who will work with the merchant to translate and integrate the new language for the Checkout page.

Illustration of dialog for customising the text that displays on the 'payment button'.  This text can be modified for various languages.

Target audience customisability

Depending on the audience of the merchant’s site, the Checkout page can be customised by renaming button text and input field descriptions. For example, if the site accepts donations rather than purchases, the payment button can read “Donate”.

As well, the order in which payment methods are listed may be displayed so that the most popular method is displayed first depending on the country or region.

Local payment methods based on geolocation

Along with the Checkout page design, merchants can choose the payment methods and corresponding icons to display to their shoppers. Shoppers will only see the payments methods that apply to the country in which they reside. For instance, local payments for shoppers based in the UK will see icons for SOFORT Banking, Skrill, Safetypay and iDeal. The same applies to Internet bank methods and cards.

Illustration of Checkout page with supported local payment methods displayed for the United Kingdom

The Checkout page remembers the payment methods selected by a given shopper when they previously visited the site—these return shoppers will also be able to select other local payment methods.

Going forward, Fondy plans to help merchants reduce cart abandonment more significantly by displaying all the most popular local payment methods immediately upon checkout.

New shoppers are more confident with secure payment

Fondy’s Checkout page features tokenisation to facilitate and protect customers who make repeat purchases on the site. When customers opt in to having their payment data stored, they can checkout in one-click the next time they visit the website.

Illustration of a shopper's tokenised cards for reuse at Checkout

The new Checkout page includes additional security with version 2 of the 3D-Secure protocol from Visa and MasterCard payment systems with the aim of improving conversions through fewer user interactions. As more issuing banks adopt version 2, the number of payments requiring the additional one-time password entry will reduce significantly over time. Although this may seem cumbersome, online shoppers appreciate this extra layer of security.

In cases, where the shopper is redirected away from the merchant’s website to the Fondy-hosted payment page, a clear description is displayed informing the shopper/customer that Fondy’s Unified Payment Platform is processing their payment securely.

Since merchants work hard to attract shoppers to their website, it is discouraged to redirect them to an external checkout page. Many shoppers will abandon their cart when they must leave the merchant’s website to enter their payment details elsewhere.

Faster payment processing

The performance of Fondy’s new Checkout page and payment gateway service are now considerably faster and more reliable than before. Fondy carried out a major upgrade to its infrastructure and transferred its services and main database to the next generation AWS cloud platform.

In addition, the Checkout page and transaction processing is distributed across several geographic points in the world using a content distribution network (CDN) through AWS to guarantee the most optimal performance and safeguards from DDoS attacks and intrusion attempts.

Fondy’s Checkout page and payment gateway service can only get better!

Please get in touch with our team of experts today at sales@fondy.eu and start using the new Checkout !


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