Accept online payments on WordPress with the Fondy plugin

Fondy’s payment gateway plugin for WordPress means you can simply integrate the payment form with your site so you can quickly and securely accept payments from your customers. They will be able to pay for goods and services using cards, including Visa and Mastercard, online banking and mobile payments such as digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Offering your customers convenient payment methods increases loyalty, will see return visits to your site and grow your revenue. Fondy accepts payments from 200 countries and supports over 150 currencies.
WordPress payment gateway

To install the plugin for WordPress, select from the options below and follow the simple procedures.

What you’ll get when you connect the WordPress payment plugin

Once you’ve connected the WordPress payment plugin to your site, your customers will be able to pay for their purchases immediately, and quickly.
Fondy gives small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to attract customers from around the world. To learn more, see the accompanying WordPress documentation, including useful training videos and articles.

How the Fondy plugin for WordPress works

Choice of payment options
Your customer enters your online store, selects their items and heads to your payment page, which displays local payment methods, local instant banking, local currency and language based on the customer’s geolocation.

Payments on the go
With Fondy’s WordPress payment plugin, customers can pay for goods and services via mobile devices, making it simple and quick to complete transactions while on the go.
Multi-currency options
The Fondy platform enables your business to accept payments in more than 150 currencies including euros, dollars, roubles and hryvnias as well as cards and bank transfers.

Business scaling
Grow your business by accepting payments from around the world through the WordPress plugin. View transaction information and get detailed analytics so you can scale your business.

Start using the WordPress plugin

Fondy is a convenient solution for accepting payments via your WordPress store. Simply select the module you use to manage your online store, download it and install it through the marketplace.

In the control panel, go to the “Plugin” page and install it. The corresponding tab will appear on your site and then you simply need to activate the Fondy payment gateway and start receiving payments.

You can customise the look of the payment form to match your business brand as well as changing the name and description and the styling of the input fields.

WordPress payment plugin

The benefits of the Fondy plugin for WordPress

Outpacing competitors
WordPress allows you to launch the site in 15 minutes – just select the template, install and configure the Fondy payment gateway. You can connect and accept payments from your customers in just a few minutes while other companies spend months developing their sites.
Continuous work
We work with many acquirers and maintain a reliable and continuous operation of the payment platform. In the event of any issues, we can automatically switch to a secondary server so there is no disruption for you or your customers.
Enter the international market
With the WordPress payment plugin from Fondy, you can start accepting payments from customers all over the world in a matter of minutes in multiple countries and currencies.
Business protection
Fondy has its own anti-fraud system and automatically detects and rejects fraudulent transactions, offering merchants peace of mind. Our algorithm is based on multiple criteria meaning any payment delay occurs within seconds for 95% of cases.

Online payments for WordPress: promote your business easily

Fondy allows businesses to simplify the process of receiving payments from customers. By connecting Fondy’s payment gateway to your site, you can easily grow your business. With Fondy you will benefit from:

  • automation of online payments such as cards and internet banking plus instant verification;
  • fast receipt of funds – one day after payment;
  • support for cards issued by popular European and American banks;
  • additional ways to create a payment – one-click payments and online invoicing;
  • additional functionality such as the ability to customise the payment page and detailed analytics for each transaction;
  • ability to split payouts to your vendors automatically.

Fondy has plugins for popular CMS engines

See Fondy’s other plugins which can be easily integrated for OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal and a host of other CMS.

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