Accept cards online via FONDY

FONDY payments service allows receiving payments from around the globe. By using internet acquiring FONDY web-stores, websites and apps can receive online payments from the buyers anywhere in the world paying by Visa, Mastercard or electronic wallets.

  • An easy integration of the payment system in the form of  Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V button will allow you to easily integrate payment option to your web-store, website, service or app.
  • To integrate the payment module you simply need to use a designer on the control panel and in several minutes you can accept cards Visa, MasterCard and electronic wallets payments on your website.

FONDY payment service is protected from fraudsters

Internet acquiring FONDY implements the whole range of security measures to ensure data safety. You can be confident that the interaction of your website, web-store or mobile app with FONDY payment gateway will be safe and reliable.

FondyAntifraud system

Security of Visa, MasterCard and electronic wallets payments is ensured by the support of 3DSecure technology and customizable FondyAntifraud system. It contains more than 300 rules to identify fraudsters.

COMODO encryption standard

Internet acquiring FONDY employs the encryption standard of COMODO company that ensures the transfer of data between the client’s browser and the payment system via a protected channel. Thus, SSL-certificate informs the website, web-store or service visitors that your resource can be trusted. Fondy takes care of safety and is constantly improving the methods of protection and revealing of fraudsters.

Unlimited bank card payment acceptance

It does not matter, in which countries your business or your clients are located, as the acceptance of payments is available in any place across the globe by any bank cards. Internet acquiring FONDY processes Visa and MasterCard payments from all countries of the world with no limitations.

You can forget that your product or service cannot be paid by a bank card registered, for example, in Australia. Any person who has a bank card or an electronic wallet can make a payment via the “payment module”.

Accepting card payments on any device

FONDY payment page is adapted for computers, Android and IOS. The client is able to make a purchase on the website, in a web-store or pay for a service at any time and from any place using a bank card or an electronic wallet.

Pay by credit card online for your customers іs no longer a problem

This payment method is very convenient for the clients thanks to an intuitive interface and support of numerous languages and currencies. Thus the conversion of payments at your website, web-store or service increases. You will not lose a client because it is not convenient for her to make a payment using her smartphone

Branded page

To ensure that the payment page on a website or web-store is in line with the overall style you can customize the payment module keeping the branded design elements.

Integration options to accept card payments

We offer the following integration options to accept payments:

  • on your website, web-store or service using iframe or JavaScript widget
  • integration via CMS plugins
  • outsourced to a protected FONDY page

Choose the most convenient option for you and start accepting the payments from around the world.

The detailed payment API documentation and easy integration open great opportunities for your business.

  • You do not need any special knowledge to set up the payment system. Anyone can set up the acceptance of payments.
  • Integration is available via plugins for CMS WordPress, Bitrix, ModX and others. It is possible to accept card payments right after the installation.

FONDY acquiring advantages

FONDY acquiring offers you important competitive advantages. You will have access to invoicing services (provide the link to the page). You can send a client the link using any convenient option: SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype. Multiple invoicing is possible by uploading a CSV file.

  • purchases are available via any browser
  • possibility of making purchases via server-server request for  PCI DSS merchants
  • a button for making payments and a widget for “donations” are provided for
  • possibility of setting up a payments calendar (link)
  • possibility of refunds
  • fast check of payment status
  • detailed reports
  • p2p transfers
  • integration with JavaScript API
  • bank card verification
  • iOS, Android, PHP SDK support
  • pre-authorization and payment completion
  • accessible callback
  • other functions of FONDY acquiring described in the public API specifications

FONDY acquiring works with all most popular banks in the World ?

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