Smoother web payments to boost your business

Fondy make shopping super-quick and easy for everyone.

A simple checkout experience that fits your website and makes it easy for shoppers to buy your products or services, time after time. They can also talk to a real person in their local language if need be.

As for you the merchant, it’s so straightforward that you can sign up in the morning and start accepting payments that afternoon. So you can quickly get back to concentrating on your core business.

Smoother web payments to boost your business

Fully customisable payment page

A consistent user experience with your website and payment page gives shoppers confidence.
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Responsive design displays checkout page correctly on all devices
Description image
Payment page is fully customisable to suit your brand
Secure checkout instills confidence and increases conversions
Responsive design displays checkout page correctly on all devices
Payment page is fully customisable to suit your brand
Secure checkout instills confidence and increases conversions

Fondy helps you maximise revenue

Our shopper-centric checkout gives your customers a local experience in a global market:

  • Multiple language and currency options plus wide choice of payment methods, including local options
  • Websites, online stores, Android and iOS, plus mobile apps – wherever shoppers want to buy, you’re ready for them.

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Customer-friendly shopping
The user-friendly design and simple, intuitive approach reduces cart abandonment. Our payment gateway also safely stores payment details, helping to turn shoppers into loyal customers:

  • Quicker purchase with one-click checkout
  • Subscription payments option to increase regular sales

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Engage shoppers in their own language
Shoppers are happier when using their own language and currency:

  • Our payment page is currently available in 14 languages, with more coming soon.
  • We have lots of local offices (far more than most competitors). If a shopper needs support, they can talk to a real person and generally in their own language too.

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Increase sales with subscriptions payments
Fondy’s checkout page includes the option to use a payment calendar. Benefits include:

  • Easy for merchants to implement
  • Regularly debit a subscribed amount from consenting customers
  • Help plan budget, inventory and delivery

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Easier part payments and refunds
A special hold feature allows you to hold a specific amount from a customer’s account that will be charged at a later date – useful for online bookings in sectors like travel and hospitality. And any refunds you have to make are quick and easy – saving you time and money.
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Track incoming payments
Use Fondy’s merchant portal app on iOS or Android to:

  • View incoming payments in real-time
  • Monitor sales trends
  • Study shoppers buying habits

Fondy protects you and your customers

Your shoppers know they’re buying a real product or service through a secure payment service and are protected at all times.
Unique anti-fraud system

All payments are monitored by the Fondy Antifraud™ system. This can identify suspicious buyers and transactions, and send alerts as appropriate.

Extra security levels

We support 3-D Secure, SecureCode and 2-factor authentication protocols for payment card confirmation and user authentication – an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

Tokenisation for one-click payments

We encrypt payment data and convert it to a random combination of symbols that are used instead of real card data – ‘tokenisation’. It means repeat customers can order again without having to fill in all their details.

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

As well as using HTPPS protocol, we comply with the strictest international requirements for the security and safety of cardholder data and the protection of data transmission.

Start accepting payments quickly and easily

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Connect Fondy’s payment gateway to your regular content management system (CMS). Choose from 30+ popular plugins, each with simple instructions to get you started.

Even setting up a ClickToPay button is quick and easy.

Once everything is up and running, you can track incoming payments and monitor trends in real time.

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