Recurring payments simplified

Boost sales by enabling recurring billing for your eCommerce business. For businesses that need to collect regular payments or subscription payments, Fondy’s fully secure, tokenised card storage services enable you to accept recurring payments through bank transfers, direct debit or card payments.
Recurring payments simplified

Automate recurring payments

Reduce paperwork and time spent on invoicing by automating payment requests:
Reach your customers in time

Avoid late payments from customers by automating recurring payments

Simple to set up

Simple to set up with Fondy’s merchant portal

Easy to use

No-fuss, fully-automated process

Reach customers globally

Accept recurring payments from Europe, North America and Asia

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Request recurring payments
Simply send your customers a payment link on a recurring basis:

  • Use email, Instant Messenger, SMS
  • Ideal for subscriptions such as media services, web-hosting, utilities or education
  • Simple and straightforward process
  • Cost-effective for smaller merchants

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Shoppers can subscribe to recurring payments
Fondy’s checkout page includes an optional payment calendar:

  • Shoppers set the payment schedule with the calendar on their first purchase
  • You regularly debit the subscribed amount for the selected time period
  • Payment calendar strengthens customer engagement
  • Safe and secure

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Easy-to-use automated payment scheduling
Fondy’s merchant portal includes billing functionality that enables you to:

  • Generate and send invoices to your customers
  • Setup automated/recurring invoices
  • Specify the billing amount and frequency

See more about Fondy’s billing system

FAQ: Recurring Payments

How does the payment calendar work?

Built-in right into the checkout page,  Fondy’s automated payment-scheduling method is secure, tokenised and easy for merchants to implement.

  1. Shopper initiates a payment subscription while making their first payment and chooses a regular debiting schedule using a payment calendar on the checkout page 
  2. When the first payment is authorised, the card data is tokenised for future payments

After the first payment, the system will debit funds from the cardholder automatically according to the calendar schedule. 

Why offer recurring payments?

  • Neither you nor your customers need to take the same actions, receiving payments occurs automatically
  • Your customers will benefit from continuous service without interruption, because payment is always on time
  • Increase the conversion rate of recurring payments and eliminate the risk of customers missing a payment
  • Automatic payments means back office staff time can be dedicated to more important tasks
  • Convenient accounting of the number of payments and their status

What types of services or products apply scheduled payments?

Subscription payments or recurring payment are typically used for the following reasons:

  • Hosting and Internet service providers
  • Electronic and printed publications, access to online services, games, software
  • Services for payment of utilities, mobile communications, regular insurance contributions
  • Educational portals, courses, training, and coaching
  • Charitable, volunteer organisations, as well as organisations that accept regular contributions

How do I set up a payment calendar?

Option 1: Payment button on Checkout page 

If you don’t have a website yet or you use a blog, you can create a button for regular payments. You can also send a payment link to your customers by email or SMS. When the customer follows the link, it will display the Fondy-hosted payment page with the calendar.

Link to payment button with calendar

Option 2: Developer API

If you already have a website or it is under development, you can integrate a payment calendar using the API.

Link to payment calendar API

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