Fondy payment gateway for DJ-Classified stores

Fondy’s payment gateway plugin for DJ-Classifieds means you can simply integrate the payment form with the checkout page of your website so you can quickly and securely accept payments from your customers.

Your customers will be able to pay for goods and services using a variety of payment methods including Visa and Mastercard, online banking and mobile payments Apple Pay and Google Pay and other local payment methods.

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Installing and configuring the plugin

Make sure your Fondy account is activated
Open Extensions and then choose Plugins
Search for the DJ-Classifieds DotPay payment plugin
Open the DJ-Classifieds DotPay payment plugin

  • Merchant ID – This is your Fondy Merchant ID which you can find on the Technical Settings page of your Fondy merchant account
  • Secret key – This is your Fondy Payment Key, which is also available on the Fondy Technical Settings page. 
  • Gateway fee – If you select Yes, an additional fee is charged to the payer 
  • Payment system rate
  • Currency – Select a currency from the list
  • Description – Leave this blank if you want to use the language set by the payer’s browser cookie

Save these settings and Close the window


Once the Fondy plugin is activated, you can accept payments in your online store.


When shoppers are ready to checkout, they will be redirected to Fondy’s secure hosted payment page where they can pay using their preferred payment method.

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