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Black Friday: Don’t let payments get you down!

Black Friday is almost upon us. You’ve got your website primed and your stock ready to be shipped, but have you thought about the reliability of your payment gateway?

Because chances are, you’re going to be busy.

What is traditionally seen as the biggest shopping day of the year, is expected to be “unprecedented”, in 2020. And while this word is becoming a bit of a cliche, it may very well be true this year.

Nobody could have predicted that a virus racing across the world would result in a global online spending spree as millions of people confined to their homes sought freedom using their credit cards.

So, with less than two weeks until Black Friday and Cyber Monday, merchants should be going through their to-do lists, checking that everything is ready and in full working order.

A superior checkout for Cyber Week success

One of the most important elements on Black Friday will be the checkout for your website, mobile app or platform. Your customers’ payment journey will be fundamental to your success rate during this key sales period and Cyber Week as a whole.

Whether your shoppers are using smartphones, tablets or websites to purchase from you, you must offer a more sleek and swift shopping experience. If you offer a fast, simple and well-designed buying experience, you will guarantee return customers.

For these benefits, plus many more, sign up with the Fondy payment gateway—it is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

You’ll be given over 300 local and international payment options, including cards, bank transfer methods, online banking and digital wallets. And if you do this before November 30, you’ll get a 20% discount on transactions made with European cards.

However, a poor checkout experience will guarantee cart abandonment. And even if your shoppers have successfully hit the purchase button, their transactions could still be at risk of failure due to customer errors, payment gateway faults, slow networks, processor issues or other related problems.

So it’s crucial that you have your eCommerce site linked to a fast, reliable payment gateway. Fondy’s payment gateway features a brand new checkout page which is fully customisable and ready for you right away.

Remember to watch your cart abandonment statistics. That could be a good indicator of issues on your platform. Maybe customers aren’t seeing the payment methods they were expecting. Perhaps they don’t feel secure while using your site or the site doesn’t support multiple currencies and payment methods.

So if you’re in any doubt about what your site should be offering, see our checklist to guarantee a successful Cyber Week for both you and your customers.

Your Cyber Week checklist

  • Ensure your payment gateway is ready with careful attention to detail on your payment page. Fondy offers simple, quick processing and a customisable checkout.
  • Make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices.
  • Stock up! Don’t be caught short on stock. Make sure you have enough of what you sell to fulfil demand and check your supply chains.
  • Consider paying for advertising. Competition for the best bargains will be tough so get an edge by investing in paid search ads.
  • Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to get the word out about your product.
  • Tease customers in advance using social media or email marketing.
  • Keep one eye on the competition. See what other retailers are discounting.
  • Don’t rely on your WiFi. Have an Internet backup plan in case your broadband supplier is struggling due to heavy usage.
  • Offer incentives through loyalty such as exclusive discounts for your existing customers.

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