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Act now and upgrade to Fondy’s new Checkout

Recently we launched a new Checkout design. Doesn’t it look great?!

This is not the only look… There are a variety of colours and designs you can choose from. See details about Fondy’s new Checkout design here.

An example of Fondy's new Checkout page with contemporary design showing various payment method types and security icons
If you would like to upgrade your current Checkout page to our new design, there are steps you need to follow. Below, we outline the process to upgrade your Checkout page based on the ‘integration’ type you already have.

Please note that switching to the new Checkout design will not affect your payments and your eCommerce business will operate as usual.

Redirect Checkout

If your website Checkout redirects to Fondy’s hosted payment page, you can upgrade to the new Checkout page design without any effort.

There is nothing for you to do as it works ‘out of the box’.

Embedded Checkout (JS widget)

If you integrated the Checkout using Fondy’s JS SDK version 1, then you must update the JS integration with version 2.

Version 1

The new Checkout design is not supported with version 1.

<script src="https://api.fondy.eu/static_common/v1/checkout/ipsp.js"></script>

Fondy will support version 1 and provide new releases with bug fixes for version 1 going forward. However, no new functionality will be developed for version 1.

Version 2

Fondy’s new Checkout design and functionality requires that you update your JS integration with version 2.

<script src="https://pay.fondy.eu/latest/checkout-vue/checkout.js"></script>

Updating JS version 1 to version 2 requires:

  • New SDK checkout.js file
  • Modification to the JS code which embeds the payment form on your site. Please see these detailed procedures

Payment button and links

Payment buttons that redirect to Fondy’s hosted payment page will have the new design applied automatically. When the new design is switched on, the button links will automatically display the new Checkout page to your customers.

For reference, an example of the old link convention compared with the new one is illustrated below. Please note these links are not viable, they are provided for illustrative purposes only.

Old button link structure
New button link structure

For these types of links, the new Checkout will be available by default.

Customised payment buttons

For button links that have a structure like the one illustrated below:

You must edit the button in the Merchant Portal as follows:

  1. In the main menu, select Payment Buttons
  2. Select a button and click Edit
  3. Click Save to obtain a new link

That’s it! The button link will display the new Checkout.

Custom CSS styles in the Merchant Portal

If you used custom CSS code in the Merchant Portal to apply your own design to the old version of the Checkout page, the new Checkout (version 2) design will not be compatible.

You may continue using your existing Checkout page using the previous version. But we invite you to try out the new Checkout design.

If you would like to adopt the new Checkout design, you can create a new Checkout page in the Merchant Portal and customise it using the Merchant Portal’s design editor.


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