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What to sell during Cyber Week

If you’re a merchant then Cyber Week will be foremost on your mind as you look to boost sales. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday two of the biggest shopping days in the retail calendar and held within just days of each other, you need to be primed and ready to sell.

Black Friday—Friday, November 27o this year—has traditionally been a huge shopping day which began in the US as it’s held the day after Thanksgiving.

The name was coined back in the 1950s and came about after stores which had spent most of their year operating at a loss – or “in the red” – would discount their stock and attract shoppers thus leaving them “in the black”, or in profit.

In the mid-2000s, there was a global shift in the retail sector with shoppers slowly adopting online stores, and Cyber Monday making its debut on November 28th, 2005. The day has now stretched across to Europe and beyond to become one of the most profitable shopping days internationally for both physical and online retailers.

And the tills don’t just stop ringing on Black Friday. Three days later, Cyber Monday is the start of what’s now classed as Cyber Week, when the world sees a huge surge in online shopping.

But, with the pandemic continuing to strengthen its grip around the globe, more and more consumers are shopping from home, giving eCommerce sites a major advantage over their physical store counterparts.

According to Statista, retail platforms saw an unprecedented increase in global traffic between January 2019 and June 2020, surpassing even holiday season traffic peaks.

Retail websites generated almost 22 billion visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020 as millions of people shopped from home to avoid the risk of catching the virus. And that trend is set to continue with Cyber Week imminent.

So what should you be selling?

With less than a fortnight until Black Friday, you will no doubt have your stock ready to sell and your website, mobile app or CMS set up to accept payments in multiple countries and currencies and ready to ship. If your website is not already accepting payments, why not get you online shop up and running now with the Fondy payment gateway.

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, have a look at our list of popular goods which could see you turn a profit during Cyber Week.

Leisure wear

The COVID-19 crisis has meant that we are spending most of our time at home, so our day-to-day lives have changed considerably. Sales of leisurewear have soared since earlier in the year as we turned to more casual outfits to wear about the home. It even prompted a recent report that the UK could face shortages of trainers, leggings and sweatpants as retailers had been “taken by surprise” by the level of demand. So if you can find a supply chain this could be an ideal addition to your inventory.

Gym equipment

With gyms shut and social distancing meaning it’s tricky to book sessions with a personal trainer, home gyms have sprung up across the land. Equipment such as exercise mats, kettlebells, weights and larger items such as stationary bicycles, treadmills and cross trainers are in huge demand and particularly now since many countries are facing into the colder months and people look to exercise indoors.


‍We may be staying at home more and just venturing out locally, but that doesn’t mean we’re donning our scruffiest jeans and a moth-eaten sweater. For most of us, lockdown has meant daily meetings over Zoom or Meet and we’re still making an effort when it comes to keeping up appearances. Time after time, womenswear is always a best seller online and worth considering if you are looking to expand your stock offering.

Home office equipment

‍You’ve probably found that the rickety chair you’ve had since your university days is causing nothing but a stiff back while spending half your day on video calls with the office. The demand for office-style furniture to kit out our homes has surged hugely since the first quarter of 2020. People are now investing in proper office chairs, desks, standing desks, laptops, lamps, printers and other peripherals so they can work as effectively as they did when commuting to work each day.

Pet supplies

Our new routines mean that we’re now mostly at home keeping our furry friends company and when not working, simply showing them off on Instagram. Pet supplies and accessories always sell well. So, that snuggly cat bed which deters Mr Mittens from walking across your desk during that important appraisal video call with your boss can only be a worthwhile investment.

Health and beauty products

Supplements to boost our immune systems, makeup to look our best on camera, hair products to tame our growing mops and body treatments to make us at least look like we’ve had a holiday this year are popular as our trips to the salon have been curtailed.

Self-care products

‍As we approach the holiday season, shoppers won’t just be stocking up for themselves on Black Friday or during Cyber Week. They will be looking to buy gifts for loved ones too, so baskets filled with beauty treatments, fragrances, hand-made soaps and high-end body products will be popular purchases.

Customisable items

‍Items with that personal touch are very popular. From necklaces, framed pictures, tote bags and mugs, these are extremely popular around the holiday season because they make fantastic gifts.

So now that you’ve got some ideas, make sure you’ve also checked out our Cyber Week checklist for Merchants.

Happy Cyber Selling!


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