Web Payments

Fondy makes it very quick and easy for small and medium-sized merchants, eCommerce sites and marketplaces to accept web payments using a simple checkout experience. Fondy’s web payment options adapt seamlessly with your website in multiple ways to ensure shoppers will buy your products or services. 

Fully customisable payment page

A consistent user experience with your website and payment page ensures your shoppers remain confident in the checkout process.
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Responsive design displays checkout page correctly on all devices
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Payment page components are fully customisable to suit your brand.
Secure checkout instills confidence and increases conversions
Responsive design displays checkout page correctly on all devices
Payment page components are fully customisable to suit your brand.
Secure checkout instills confidence and increases conversions

Fondy helps you maximise revenue

Shopper-centric checkout provides a ‘local experience’ in a global market 
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Scale your business globally
With Fondy’s payment gateway and unified platform:

  • Reduce cost and time to start accepting payments
  • Manage payment reconciliation across countries, currencies and payment methods
  • Avail of multiple language and currency options as well as geo-relevant payment methods

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Customer friendly shopping flow
Fondy’s payment gateway safely stores shoppers’ payment details for quick repeat purchases on your website:

  • Quick and secure checkout flow
  • Eliminate extra clicks and reduce time to purchase
  • User-friendly design reduces cart abandonment

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Engage shoppers in their language
Shoppers are happier when paying in their own language and currency:

  • Fondy’s payment page is currently available in 14 languages
  • List of languages continues to grow

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Increase sales with subscriptions payments
Fondy’s checkout page includes the option to use a payment calendar. Benefits include:

  • Easy for merchants to implement
  • Regularly debit a subscribed amount from consenting customers
  • Help plan budget, inventory and delivery

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Save resources on refunds
With Fondy’s merchant portal you can make full or partial refunds to a customer’s account quickly and easily.

Fondy’s freeze feature allows you to ‘hold’ a specific amount from a customer’s account that will be charged at a later date and is ideal for online bookings i.e. travel and hospitality sectors.

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Track incoming payments
Use Fondy’s merchant portal app on iOS or Android to:

  • View incoming payments in real-time
  • Monitor sales trends
  • Study shoppers buying habits

Fondy protects you and your customers

Payments made through Fondy’s payment gateway are monitored by Fondy’s own fraud detection system called Fondy Antifraud™ which can identify unscrupulous buyers and suspicious transactions.

When making payments through the Fondy payment service, your shoppers can trust they are buying a real product or service through a secure payment service and the payment amount may be returned to them if the seller cannot fulfill their obligations.

3D Secure and SecureCode

Fondy supports 3-D Secure and SecureCode protocols for payment card confirmation and user authentication.

HTTPS Protocol

Fondy’s payment page is secured by HTTPS protocol which is the quality standard for data transmission over the Internet.


Fondy encrypts payment data and converts the data to “token” format. Tokens are a random and unique combination of symbols that are used instead of real card data for repeat payments and quick checkout.

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

Fondy complies with the strictest international requirements for the security and safety of cardholder data and the protection of data transmission channels.

Start accepting payments on your website or landing page

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CMS plugins for your website or online store
Connect Fondy’s payment gateway to your Content Management System (CMS) choosing from among 30+ popular plugins, each with simple instructions to get you set up straight away.
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ClickToPay button
Fondy’s payment button generator enables a simple integration with just a few lines of HTML code that you copy and paste into your website or landing page.
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Full integration with Fondy API
Our API is as easy to use. We provide procedures and code samples that you can apply for basic solutions or you can completely customise our the solution according to on your needs.
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Verify your website

See if your website is ready to accept payments
If you are not sure how to start, please get in touch with Fondy’s implementation team support@fondy.eu

We will get your online store up and running as quickly as possible.

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