One-click/One-touch checkouts

Start collecting payments instantly with our ClickToPay button or simply use a payment link, and eliminate the laborious and repetitive entry of personal data by your customers when they are shopping online or when you need to request a payment digitally.
One-click/One-touch checkouts

ClickToPay button

Fondy’s ClickToPay button is very easy to integrate and enables you to collect payments on your social media platform, website or mobile app.
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Feature image
Payment Link
If you’re looking for a fast and easy method to request a payment, send your customers our handy link.

Use the payment link to send to customers via their preferred communication channel (email, SMS, or Instant Messenger) to proceed with their payment.

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Request payments directly

Simply generate a payment link within minutes on the Fondy Merchant Portal and send it directly to your customers by email, Instant Messenger or SMS so they can proceed with your payment request.

No need for a website

Communicate any payment requests directly to your customers for any upcoming payment reminders, regular subscription services or integrate the link payment into your invoices.

Get paid instantly

Payment links are the easiest and fastest way to get paid and can be used across various customer communication channels.

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Fondy Flow
Fondy Flow offers multi-currency accounts with their own IBAN, so you can receive payments instantly from your customers. To learn more register your interest by clicking on the apply button.