Fondy payment gateway plugin for ZenCart

Accept online payments from your customers instantly. You can integrate Fondy’s payment gateway on the checkout page of your ZenCart online store very quickly, and then you are ready to securely accept payments from your customers all over the world.
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Installing the plugin

Download the plugin archive.
Unzip the plugin files and copy them to the root folder of your ZenCart site. (This should not overwrite existing files or folders. If you are in doubt, then copy the required files according to the instructions below.)
Log in to the ZenCart admin system.
Through the main menu, go to the menu Modules -> Payment
Select the “Fondy” payment method.
Click the “Install” button on the right side of the dashboard.
Set the option “ON FONDY” to “True”.
Scroll down to the bottom right side of the dashboard, and click the “Refresh” button.

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