Easily open IBAN accounts and get instant settlements

No more waiting 5-10 days for your customer’s authorised payments to reach you. With Fondy IBAN accounts you can save time and money and do business like a local.
Easily open IBAN accounts and get instant settlements
Trade in all local currencies
Receive authorised payments instantly
Simple payments and payouts to your partners
Сontrol payments on a single interface
Multicurrency accounts
With Fondy it is simple and hassle-free to open multi-currency accounts and get instant settlements. Fondy IBAN account launches with British Pound Sterling.
Receive and settle – instantly
You’ll receive funds instantly into your Fondy business account – just as soon as the customer pays. You can make immediate payouts too in your chosen currency. It’s that simple and quick.
Hold and convert funds when you want
With Fondy IBAN accounts you can keep settled funds in the same currency. You can also convert them into a currency of your choice using the best FX rates and save on fees.
Everything on one platform
Remove the need for multiple systems, interfaces and banks. With Fondy you can manage and control all your funds in the currency of your choice from one simple platform and interface.
Visibility and control
View and control how you accept, settle, and track payments across all your accounts on one interface and platform. You can also send e-invoices to your clients and match payments to invoices.

Fondy IBAN account enables multi-currency accounts, instant settlements, payouts, and much more!

Transact 24/7
Receive settlements from your online business in less than one day
Send and receive money instantly with no additional cost
View, track and monitor all payments and payouts to your partners in one place
Avoid paying business account monthly fees – with no hidden costs

Go global and get growing

Grow your business globally by quickly and easily receiving funds directly into your multi-currency accounts and making global payments and payouts

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Fondy Flow
Fondy Flow offers multi-currency accounts with their own IBAN, so you can receive payments instantly from your customers. To learn more register your interest by clicking on the apply button.