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Optimising the payment experience for your online shoppers

A frictionless payment process is essential to increase conversions…

If you want your shoppers to complete their purchases on your eCommerce site, you must ensure there are no obstacles in the checkout journey.

Online shoppers expect to:

  • Find the products they want
  • Pay with confidence in the security of their payment details
  • Receive confirmation for their purchase

Keep that payment page concise

No matter how gorgeous your site looks, no one wants to be hassled by tapping information into an endless array of fields when trying to buy your products. This is a main reason shoppers abandon online purchases.

Best practice is to keep the payment page simple and tidy while considering millennials and generation Z’ers are most likely to shop with their mobile devices. The payment page should be responsive and look sharp on any device.

Offer guest checkout with option to store payment details

Keep the journey smooth and spare your shoppers from creating an account prior to check out. Instead you can offer them one-click/one-touch checkout the next time they visit your store by giving them the option to save their tokenised payment details.

Minimise the shopper’s time and effort with pre-fill technology. For instance, request their postcode before the city or region, and then populate those fields automatically. Instill confidence in your shoppers if they opt-in to storing their payment details by displaying security icons on the checkout page.

Speed up payment processing

The time it takes to authorise the transaction and display the confirmation page is also a crucial phase in the checkout journey.
You are already lucky that your shopper hasn’t abandoned their cart and instead progressed to the Confirm Payment button so you had better make sure your customer is not held in suspense for more than 3 seconds waiting for confirmation. The longer they wait the quicker they lose confidence and may not purchase from your site again.
Benchmark how long it takes your payment gateway to authorise and confirm transactions across various Internet providers and devices. If you are not happy with the performance you may need to change your payment gateway service provider.

Make it easy for shoppers to pay

Shoppers want to pay in their local currency, they like to see their language displayed on the payment page and they also like to see their local payment methods and want to pay with their preferred payment method.

Payments methods vary depending on the country and shoppers’ preferences, therefore you’ll need to think about offering as many ways to pay as possible including cards, online banking and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Ensure your payment gateway service provider can process the variety of payment options you want to make available for your customers.

Keep your shoppers’ checkout journey short and sweet and you can be sure your conversions will increase!


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